Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday in Maryland

Justin's surgery went well yesterday, but he was in a lot of pain after. The surgery lasted a little over 3 hours. The next step is to do a skin graft for the right hand and right leg at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. Last night he was in a lot of pain and they needed to restart his ketamine, but they are planning on stopping it tonight. Today Justin watched TV and had me upload music to his Iphone. He can't wait for his belonging to arrive from Afghanistan so he can have all his music and movies. I didn't have a huge music selection for his liking (hahaha).

Tomorrow we are hoping Justin's pain is down because he wants to get up in his wheelchair. Hopefully we can go outside since he hasn't been out in almost 7 weeks. Well nothing really new to report today. My dad and I made Justin bacon and eggs for breakfast and I made everyone dinner. In our rooms we have a mini kitchen including a stove top. Its nice to make food instead of eating hospital food, subway or mcdonalds. Hopefully tomorrow we will have good news that Justin's pain is under control and he will be able to get up.

From a nice Fall day in Maryland! God Bless everyone!


  1. Hello, glad to hear Justin's surgery went well. Sorry to hear he is in alot of pain. The Lord is good and he is sure watching over all of you! You are all in our prayers! Please greet your folks, and Justin from us! Love you, Aunt Darlene, Steve and Maryanne and Michaela Rose

  2. I'm addicted to the blog. Thanks for taking the time to post and keep all of us who care informed! So glad things went well....I checked about 5 times today waiting for the update. I guess the pain is to be expected, but I'm sure troubling none-the-less. I'm Maureen's friend from work and proud to be able to support Justin and his family.

  3. Hey Justin I am glad you are doing better. Sandy and I pray for you and your family everyday. We love to get the updates on the blog. We check many times everyday. We hope that your pain will get better each day. Hopefully you will be pain free to watch the Packers today!! Go Packers!
    Love, Pete and Sandy

  4. I continue to be inspired by the courage of Justin and his mates, thank you for sharing the journey with us! I cannot help but ask... did Charlie Sheen pay a ketamine visit again? :-) May you continue to discover new and beautiful blessings each and every day. All the best, Ruth Morrison (USO, Ont)