Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Good Day!

Today was a GREAT day! Justin spent over an hour in physical therapy. Then he went downstairs to get a haircut followed by us getting lunch. It was so awesome to see him cruising around the hospital! We are all  so proud of him. Now that he is off the heavy medication he has been awake most of the day and totally coherent. Another exciting part of the day is Justin's friend Mike walked on his prosthetic for the first time today. Yesterday was the first day he stood on it. Next week his other leg will be ready and then he will be walking with both! It was so amazing to see and literally brought tears to my eyes. I know that day for Justin is not far away. While Mike was walking on his leg another friend we have met was also getting on his legs. The amount of happy tears in the room was amazing. These guys have so much determination and it is such an inspiration to see.

Tomorrow Justin is scheduled for surgery. After plenty of discussions with the plastic and hand surgeons Justin has decided to remove the ring finger on his left hand and use the skin to cover his hand. The metacarpal bone is completely missing and the chance of the finger ever functioning as a finger is very unlikely especially since the tendons are gone. This is the safest surgery (especially due to his heart and lung problems). Choosing this option will also eliminate additional surgeries and delaying therapy time. Justin made the decision and we support him. Other options were suggested, but Justin says he just wants to move on and start rehab. Tomorrow's surgery will only last a couple hours compared to the 10-14 hour surgery initially. Justin's spirits are great and we are looking forward to more good days ahead!

Again, we really cannot thank everyone enough for the continued support! This is a long journey, but we are a strong family sticking together. God has blessed us in so many ways and we are so thankful to all be together again!

Good Night and God Bless from a humid, rainy, thunder and lightening Bethesda Maryland!

Here are a few pictures from today and the link of Mike walking for the first time!

 Mike Walking!

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