Justin's Journey

Cpl. Justin Crabbe is a US Marine, who was critically injured while proudly serving in Afghanistan on August 26th 2011. Born in 1988, he was just 22 years old when his injuries occurred. He was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California, graduated from Los Osos High School in 2007, and enlisted shortly thereafter into the Marine Corps.
Due to the extent of his injuries, he has a very lengthy recovery process ahead of him in Bethesda, Maryland. His family is a very strong, close knit unit and is there for him throughout this whole ordeal, which doctors consider some of the best medicine.
Justin was awarded the Purple Heart.

Justin was raised in a very patriotic family, spearheaded by his grandfather, who served as a US Marine, and was one of Justin’s biggest influences growing up. The patriotism that the family had for our country was proudly displayed every day of the year. Justin was immersed in God, country and duty from the start, so it was a natural fit for him to join the Marines to support his belief that in order to maintain freedom, sometimes you had to fight for it. Justin proudly joined the Marines during wartime to protect his family and his country. His plan was to serve in the military, then when his tour was up, he would return and train to become either a firefighter or a police officer. Justin is an avid hunter, enjoying trips to the desert with his father, close family friends, and his dog “Boomer”.

Justin will spend a great deal of time recovering from his injuries in Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. He will have to relearn how to walk, write and do ordinary, everyday tasks with his new limitations. He is looking forward to going back out hunting one of these days, as well as figuring out what his new future and career opportunities hold for him. He has a very positive attitude and is confident that with his family by his side, he will accomplish great things.