Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbye Trauma Team!

Today Justin was officially released from the trauma team service and is now on the PM&R team (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation). This is great news and it means he is stable enough and can focus on therapy and working towards getting to outpatient (which is probably a still a few months away). Thankfully today Justin wasn't in a lot of pain from the skin grafts, and was actually refusing pain meds. He is working with the doctors because he wants to get off more and more medicine. 

Justin did not go to physical therapy today because his legs/hips are all wrapped up from the surgery yesterday. The occupational therapist did come by and work with his hands! He is making tremendous progress with his hands, especially the right! He is becoming more and more independent. He was also told today if he is feeling up to it he can go to the Marine Corp ball next Friday night Nov. 4th! They ordered his uniforms and mom and I are getting his medals/ribbons tomorrow. The whole family is invited to go and we decided if he wants to go then we will go with him. We will just see what next week holds. We may just go for dinner and come back if thats all he can take. 

Everything else is going great, Justin slept most of the afternoon. I think he was recovering from surgery yesterday. Justin decided he wanted pizza for dinner so we ordered it and hung out in his room watching TV. Overall, today was a great day and thankfully not eventful. It is nice to finally have a quite days, and to finally get off the emotional roller coaster we were riding for almost two months. Today marked exactly 8 weeks that Justin has been here and tomorrow will mark 8 weeks for us. I can't believe in two months how much has changed. We are so blessed and thankful that Justin is here with us alive and making the tremendous progress he is making. There were too many times we were just hoping and praying to make it to the next day. We can finally say we are taking big steps in the right direction!! 

We pray everyone has a wonderful week! Tomorrow Auntie Linda and Uncle Jeff will be in to visit! I know they are looking forward to seeing Justin and vice versa. Auntie Linda came out here the first weekend we arrived in Bethesda. So I know she is very excited to be able to talk to him and see him. 

More good news from Bethesda, Justin's friend Hueston moved to outpatient today! We are excited for him, and all the progress he has made. Mike had his 22 surgery today and had 4 pins removed from his left arm. Everything went well for him! Thankfully all the guys are moving in the right direction and getting stronger daily. 

Good Night from Bethesda!!  


  1. Amazing amazing amazing!

  2. So glad to hear they are all doing so well! Justin keep up the great work, your doing awsome! Your in our prayers and thoughts every day! The Hillman Family...Lcpl. Justin Hillman

  3. Wonderful news! Prayers will continue.

  4. Keep on Keeping on! Great News!

  5. you are all in my prayers and good wishes =)