Friday, October 21, 2011

Addition to last post!

I forgot to include this in the last post...

On Wednesday we attended a lunch BBQ hosted by a Marine organization. They had amazing food including some delicious steaks. At the BBQ we had the privilege to meet and hear US Marine Mike Corrado sing this song live. I wanted to share this video with everyone! I have personally seen sone of these guys featured in the video around the hospital. These are true heroes "Still in the Fight".


This is Mike Website if anyone would like to hear more of his songs.

Good Night!


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  2. Here is the link to the YouTube. Hopefully it works!

    It sounds like you are all getting taken care of; that's awesome! Saw Justin's story in the Daily Bulletin; I'm from Fontana. My oldest son is in the Marines. I was debating running the Marine Corps Marathon next year to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, but after reading about Justin I am no longer on the fence! Hope to raise a bunch of money!

    Justin, you're in our thoughts and prayers! Thank you for your service! OOH RAH!!!