Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally back up and running!!

To Recap the last 2 weeks:

Wed Sept 21st: Justin was supposed to have his long 12 hour surgery for bilateral hand skin flaps/graft. That morning he woke up with a 104.9 fever which landed him back in the ICU with pneumonia and he was borderline septic. Due to multiple infections, his body had nothing left to fight the second round of pneumonia. Instead of his White Blood Cells being high (which is a normal response to infection) his was extremely low. Which was a cause for concern and he needed multiple blood transfusions again and 10 liters of fluid. He was very puffy looking, but it ultimately did the trick. He finally made it back to the 4th floor during the middle of the week.

Sept 29th: This was the first day Justin test drove his new set of wheels! He was up for an hour!! It was great because he was able to visit all his friends on the 4th floor!

Friday Sept 30th: Justin went in for his routine washout surgery this day. He ended up having to stay in the recovery room for most of the day because his heart rate decided to be sky high AGAIN. He was also having a "Ketamine" drug trip where he told my parents that "Charlie Sheen was in his operating room." Thank goodness Charlie Sheen wasn't really the surgeon because then Justin wouldn't be "winning!!" Thankfully this was a short lived drug trip and he was back to himself right away.

Sat Oct 1st: Justin's friend Mendez came to visit with his dad from New York. He was Justin's roommate in Hawaii, but did not deploy because he was getting out of the Marines. Britt another fellow Marine who was injured in June also came to visit. He is currently at another hospital in Virginia and doing well!

Sun Oct 2nd: Myself, my best friend Steph and my Auntie Lori all flew back together. Justin was in good spirits and happy to see all of us! He even got up in his wheelchair again in the late afternoon. (Bad news the wheelchair wouldn't start... operator error.. So dad had to push) Thank goodness we are all getting a lesson on how to use the chair soon! Justin spent the afternoon watching his Green Bay Packers Beat the Denver Broncos! He was thrilled and in a great mood. Especially since he received a gift from the Packers including a signed football from the team and a picture from Aaron Rodgers. Steph also hooked him up with Angels Gear including a signed Jered Weaver ball and Mike Scioscia picture. Justin was in sports Heaven!

Today: Justin had surgery this morning for routine washouts plus a video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). This procedure was to clean out the scar tissue in his lung. Justin didn't tolerate the procedure very well so they were not able to completely remove all the scar tissue without having to open him up. Overall, the surgery was successful to help his right lung completely expand, but he does have two chest tubes now placed in the right lung to drain excess fluid. Justin is back in the ICU to be monitored from todays procedure and his oxygenation initially was low. Now he is on higher oxygen therapy to increase his blood gas levels. Tentatively he is scheduled for his bilateral hand flaps/graft surgery for Wednesday.  We are hoping to remain stable enough for surgery and keep his oxygenation up! 

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!!! Good night from a very cold Maryland (Especially since I left California on Saturday with 98 degree weather and arrived here with 48 degree weather). 

Justin looking much better than a month ago! Cruising in his chair!! 


  1. Hey Justin! looking good...everyone here in the South cheering for you and very much proud of you...keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks for the great update Jenn! Justin, you look great!! Keep up the good work ALL of you!! Love, Hugs & Prayers from Santa Maria, CA!!

  3. look AMAZING! Even though we've never met, we know Jen and know that you must be special because she is! We want you to know that as well as our prayers for you and your family, we have asked numerous other friends and family to pray for your speedy recovery! Thank you so very much for your service and sacrifice for our country and our freedoms! God Bless all of you! PRAYERS being sent as I type! Love to all, Kim Ince and family!

  4. Justin.... considering all the hell ur up against you look great. it is because of you and ur fellow marines that me and the rest of my corpsman staff can stay here instead of being greenside. Hopefully you make a full recovery and get well soon my mom said she remembers you as a scrawney little kid and now ur all grown up defending our country. we are all proud of you so get well soon.