Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainy Wednesday in Maryland!

I just wanted to repost the address again! Many people have asked so here you go!

Justin had a great morning. He was up in his wheelchair for 1 1/2 hours and spent over an hour in therapy. He is pretty tired this afternoon, but his pain is under control! He enjoyed getting packages from friends today. I sat and read cards to him and he wanted me to tell everyone thank you! We are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel for his hand and leg surgeries. We are hoping only a few more and everything should be closed. Our next step is to figure out why he still has desaturations. They think it is due to the hole in his heart. They are going to begin running more tests. We may have a few more surgeries pertaining to his heart after his wounds are all closed up.

We hope everyone is doing well and thank you for the continued prayers and support!

Bethesda Navy Lodge
C/o Cliff and Maureen Crabbe
Room 221
8901 Rockville Pike Bldg 52
Bethesda MD 20889


  1. So glad to here everything is going well. We pray for him to heal and pray for the men, women and all the families waiting for their loved ones to come home.
    Robert & Joy Carr

  2. Hi Justin, you seem to be back on track and moving forward! We have been praying for you daily...that your strength will increase and that you will be able to move forward with your recovery. Laurie Ritchie