Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Weather Friday!!

Sorry I haven't blogged the last two days. The days have flown by and when I got back to my room I was exhausted. So to recap the last few days!

Wednesday: Justin went in for dressing changes and wound vac changes. Everything is coming along nicely! We are scheduled for skin grafts on Monday! This should hopefully be the last major surgery. Justin was in a good mood and enjoyed playing on his new Ipad given to him by the Semper Fi organization! He also received a very generous gift of Itunes in the mail from a fellow marine family! I am pretty sure he will not have to buy anything on Itunes for a long time! Thank you so much to the whole family who sent the gift! Wednesday night Justin and I hung out watching Zookeeper and eating popcorn (okay I was the only one eating popcorn). We had a good time hanging out and laughing. Dad went to "Guys night out" and he had a good time! They went to Dave and Busters and they had fun playing games and "drinking free beer". Overall Wednesday was a great day! 

Thursday: Justin had physical therapy and after therapy he went outside for the first time since arriving at Bethesda on August 30th. He enjoyed being in the sunshine even though it was cool and windy outside. Then he cruised around the hospital! Mom and I attended a few meetings at the hospital. We are going to volunteer at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Sunday Oct. 30th with the wounded warriors. Justin also received a very nice package from our family friends. Thank you Maliee/Diaz family and Ana, Justin loved  everything. Thank you to another friend who sent him Netfixs. Justin is so happy with his new entertainment. Justin also received his package he ordered from Amazon. He needed new headphones, sun glasses, and hats. So last night he decided to watch Netflixs on his Ipad with his new headphones. I think he was in a happy place! 

Today: Justin went back to the OR today for bandage changes and he lost the wound vac on his left hand! We are down to only 2 wound vacs....Wahoo!!! Justin is doing well today, he is just tired from surgery. I went with Justin's friend Mike and his family to physical therapy today and he walked on both legs! It was so awesome to see him walking around. These guys are so amazing and such an inspiration. You can see their determination even if they are tired and in pain they continue to fight through and continue to work out. These guys do not give up. I can't wait until the day Justin gets up on his new legs. 

Here is a link that has different stories from injured wounded warriors.
Well mom and I are going to pick up dinner. Justin's request Arbys! I will blog again later tonight or tomorrow!

This is Justin last night!! Watching a movie on his Ipad with the new headphones! 


  1. Hey Justin!! I can't tell you how happy I am about all the progress you've made...all of my friends down here constantly ask about you and were in aww of you when I posted you with the President. One of my dearest friends, Holley, cried when she have inspired more people than you know! Keep up the good fight man! Your cousin in the South, Tom

  2. Hello Justin..., I read in the Daily Bulletin the other day of your injuries. My deepest wishes for a speedy recovery Marine. The article stated that you want to be a Police Officer or a FireFighter. I am a retired Los Angeles County FireFighter, living in Rancho Cucamonga. I would like to send you a Sweat Shirt from either or both LACo FD and Rancho Cucamonga FD. All I need is your size and an address for shipping. My email is ... ............ Chris Rowe is the name. Stay strong Marine, and THANK YOU for everything you've done and the sacrifices you've made.