Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Ups and Downs Continue

We had a wonderful time at the Marine Corps Ball on Friday night! Justin lasted almost the whole time. He had a long day and I was so happy that he did very well. Friday morning started off very busy with physical therapy and occupational therapy. We also received keys to do a trial at the outpatient building (building 62). Justin spend all day in his chair from 9:15-2:30. Then spent all night at the ball. He did great, but was exhausted on Saturday (I was exhausted too because we were running around all day trying to get everything ready). Mom, Justin, and I really enjoyed the evening together! Dad went home for a quick visit, but is returning tomorrow.

So our weekend has been another one step forward a few steps back. We thought Justin was possibly going to outpatient this coming up week. That is why we had the key to do a trial run at the outpatient apartment. Now the skin graft on his leg may need to be redone. This may set him back to staying in the hospital a little bit longer. Justin was really bummed out because he was looking forward to finally going to outpatient. We are not sure exactly what the team has decided, but tomorrow we should have more answers. It is just a bummer because we had a few great days in a row and Justin was doing so well! He has become so independent and when they told him the skin graft may need a revision it really bummed him out. Plus he is not looking forward to going through the pain again. We are hoping for good news tomorrow!

Saturday afternoon the owner of the 49ers came by to visit along with two other former players. They were all very nice and autographed a football and hat for Justin. Plus they let him put on their super bowel rings.  (I was surprised they didn't make a comment about all Justin's Green Bay Packer stuff)! All of them stopping by was a big "pick me up" for Justin because he had just found out the bad news about his skin graft a few hours before.

Today we went over to building 62 because Justin's TV in his room was frozen and needs to be fixed. So we went over and ate lunch at the apartment and watched football. Justin enjoys being over there because it is much more spacious than the hospital room and he is able to transfer to sitting in a recliner chair! We also had a nice visit from family members in town. Moms cousin Tommy Brick and his daughter Bridgette and her husband Jess.

So tomorrow we should have more answers about Justin's skin graft and a better outlook of when he may transfer over to outpatient. In a weeks time he has made tremendous progress and he is so driven to get stronger. On Thursday and Friday were probably the best days Justin has had since the accident. I had so much fun with him and he kept me laughing. He was buzzing up and down the halls in his wheelchair honking as he took corners at high speeds. It was so great to see him happy and having fun!  It was also nice to hear how positive he was when talking to the 49ers players about his injuries.  He told them he had accepted what happened and he was just ready to move on and work towards getting better. It was so awesome to hear. I know he will continue to have his ups and downs, but last Thursday and Friday were definitely his highs!

Good Night from Bestheda!

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  1. Woo Hoo, loved the post from the ball, everyone looked so good!
    Woo Hoo