Friday, November 25, 2011

So much to be Thankful for this year!!

Sorry for the blog hiatus but I went home for a week. I got back here Monday night and it has been busy around here. So I will recap everything that has been going on with Justin!

Nov 14- Nov 21: Justin's skin graft thankfully is looking great and does not need to be redone. He is going to wound care five times a week to make sure it continues to stay on track. Justin has been working very hard at physical therapy and occupational therapy! His hand range of motion is far beyond what the hand surgeon ever dreamed it would be. Justin is transferring by himself and can even push himself in his manual wheelchair (not far distances because his weight bearing status isn't cleared, but he pushes himself around short distances). Monday earlier this week he had his IVC filter removed (aka his bird cage) which was used to catch any blood clots that may have formed and broken off. 

Justin's IVC filter Yes Justin asked for it to be saved so he could see it. Now this is sitting by his bedside in the hospital. 

Justin also got his first real shower this past week! He was so excited and tired of bed baths. For Mr. OCD this made his day that he could have a real shower. He also has been busy cleaning up his hospital room and getting ready to move into building 62. 

Saturday Nov 19th: When I was home I attended the Ontario Reign hockey game and it was military appreciation night. The Ontario Reign decided that they wanted to honor Justin because he was a local military member. During the 1st period intermission the Ontario Reign presented us with a VERY generous check and Stater Bros charities also gave us gift cards. It was so wonderful even though I was nervous accepting the check in front of a filled arena and I started crying on stage. It was a fun filled night watching a great hockey game and celebrating our military. 

Justin and our entire family are so grateful for the generous gift!! Thank you Ontario Reign and Stater Bros charities! Thank you again to Staci, Kathie, Auntie Ann, Auntie Robbie, Eryn, Crystal, and everyone else who is involved in the Justin Fund! Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers and support. We really can't thank you enough. We are so thankful for all of you who take time to read this blog and care about Justin. 

This was Justin's thank you video for Ontario Reign Game! There was also a slide show but I have to work on how I can get it on the blog. 

Nov 22:
Justin spent the day going to therapy and our Auntie Robbie flew back with me to see Justin. So we all spent the day hanging out and showing her around the hospital. 

Nov 23: 
Justin went to therapy in the morning and then we went down to get his liners for his prosthetics. (But his size wasn't in, so he have to wait until Monday). Justin may possibly get fitted for his prosthetics next week (again keeping fingers crossed)! We also spent the day with Auntie Robbie and Cody came up for the long weekend. My moms cousin Jon and his wife Kandi came to visit and we all went out to dinner! We had so much fun laughing and enjoying great company! It was a fun night out for everyone, especially Justin. Then we all went back so Justin could show everyone his new outpatient apartment. 

Nov 24:
This Thanksgiving we spent it here with the Nicholson family! We have so much to be thankful for this year even if its been the worst year on the books. This was the first Thanksgiving in four years we were able to spend it together as a family! Justin has either been deployed, unable to come home, or in boot camp for the last few Thanksgivings. We had a great day watching football and eating amazing food with great company. We are so thankful for our health and that Justin is doing so well! This family likes to look at the glass half full so yesterday was a day to celebrate for the many blessings we have in our life. We know more challenges will be in front of us, but as a family we will get through it. This was a day for us to reflect back and be so thankfully that Justin was with us. We couldn't be more thankfully for this time together. 

We are looking forward to spending the holidays together which has been hit or miss the last few years with Justin being in the military. It was also awesome for Justin and Cody to spend this holiday together because they haven't been together for the last three years since both enlisting 3 months apart. As a family we are definitely looking forward to a New Year! This year has presented many heart aches and challenges but with faith, family love, and friend support we have almost made it through the year(I say this because we still have a month left). It will be different, and a lot more treats laying around since both of our grandmas past away earlier this year (they were both sweet ladies, and I mean that literally and figuratively...they loved their cookies and sweets, but also loved their families and grandchildren more than anything).

We are also thankfully that Echo battery made it home safely yesterday, and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner with their family. Justin and Mike were very excited last night when the guys started calling them. They can't wait to see them when they come visit later next month. 

The other exciting news is that Justin and dad stayed the night in the apartment last night! Everything went well and Justin enjoyed sleeping in a real bed. 

Echo Battery Homecoming Video

Nov 25: 
Today we spend the day moving things over to the apartment. Mom, Cody and I all went to Target so we could stock up the new place for Justin and dad. We are excited they are moving in too! This means dad will start cooking again because they have a full kitchen! We also put up our 4ft. Christmas tree tonight! I can't wait to go out again so I can get a few more things to decorate this place (because I know dad and Justin won't be doing any of that). 

This weekend we will continue to get everything settled over here at the apartment for Justin and dad. We also need to do some shoe shopping (yes that's correct... Justin needs shoes for the prosthetics)! Monday, Justin is scheduled to have pins removed from his left hand and Tuesday he should officially be discharged from the hospital! After 13 weeks to the day of arriving here Justin should be going to outpatient! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Pictures of the new apartment!
Our Christmas Tree!

Justin and Cody hanging out watching TV!

Justin's Bed with the beautiful quilt handmade for Justin (Much better than a hospital bed)

The living room and Cody hanging out!

Where Dad will be working his magic to feed us!

Dad's room (yes Justin got the bigger bed because its easier for him to get in and out)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends! From a nice warm sunny day in Bethesda (yes it was warm and sunny today,the rain should be here by sunday night :(


  1. Thanks for the great update Jenn!! Lots of good stuff has been and is happening!! Happy Thanksgiving a day late and Merry Christmas if I forget later!!

    Don Eisen

  2. A late Happy Thanksgiving....lots of hugs to you all!!! xoxo