Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marine Corps Birthday Ball!

A lot has happened the last few days and I promise to blog all about it tomorrow! (I am so tired from the past few days) For now I wanted to at least post the pictures from the Ball last night. We had an absolute wonderful time. Justin looked so handsome in his dress blues. My mom and I were so honored to be his dates at the ball!

Enjoy the photos and will blog all about the progress Justin has made the last few days tomorrow!

Leaving the hospital and heading to the Ball!

Murphy and Justin

Left to right: Megan (Mike's date), me, Shelby (Murphy's girlfriend), and Anne (Marine sister)

Mary (Mikes mom) and Mom

Family picture minus dad

Mike and Justin (Justin enjoying his first beer since before deployment and yes he received permission that he could have one)

Moms and Sons

Shelby and Murphy

Megan and Mike

With Julie our Marine liaison! 

With our outpatient section leader when we make it to outpatient! 

Mike and I! 


  1. Awwwwww this makes me cry! He looks soooooo good! Keep up the great recovery, brave Warrior!

  2. Such happy faces!! How handsome Justin, Mike, and Murphy look!! And Ladies, You are stunning!! I am especially touched by the Moms and their Hero-Sons!!

    Laurie Ritchie

  3. Justin you look great. Good to see you with a beer that’s when you know when you’re actually feeling better. Jen and Maureen you look beautiful. You have been through so much together as a family. You also have kept Justin’s plight in all our lives. Jen and Maureen you always look so positive Justin is very lucky to have such great support. Cliff you are stronger than all of us, it was great talking to you at ESRI.
    Semper FI - Rick

  4. Everyone looks in such great spirits! You all look amazing! Keep up the positivity, thank you and the entire armed services for everything.