Monday, September 19, 2011

Late Night!

Today was a hurry up and wait day. Justin was supposed to go for surgery at 10 am this morning, but didn't end up leaving his room until 3:30 pm. Since he is doing well and is not in CCU anymore other patients who are critical get first priority. Justin was not happy that he couldn't have anything to eat or drink all day. We spoke to his hand surgeon tonight who said everything went well and they placed a cement spacer where he was missing a metacarpal in his hand and also moved a nerve. Wednesday he is scheduled for his long 8-9 hour surgery for flaps for his hands, but this may be postponed until Friday or next week. The plastic surgery team and hand surgeon both need to be there and its a long surgery and they may have another case on Wednesday which may push it back.

Overall today was a good day! Justin asked me to shave him, and wash his hair so ironically he was looking very nice when a recently retired Sergeant Major (highest enlisted marine in the Marine Corp) stopped by to visit him. I think this brightened Justin's day. He also had a visit from a New Jersey Congressman. Today was a busy day with visitors plus the frequent visitation of doctors and nurses all day. This afternoon before surgery we watched a movie until Justin fell asleep and then he was off to surgery.

Mom and I are currently just sitting in his room waiting for him to return. Even though he will probably be out of it we promised him we would be here when he got back from surgery. He also had a second request to make sure we brought him oreos. (Justin is still on a pureed diet but thinks soaking the cookies in milk will be okay and solve this problem) I am pretty sure when he comes back he is going to be out of it, but we still brought the oreos anyways. Justin is trying to get all his chocolate and caffeine in now because after he gets his skin flaps he is unable to consume any of these for awhile.

Thank you everyone for the continued love, prayers, and support! We cannot thank everyone enough. We also can't brag enough about this hospital!! It is amazing and filled with wonderful people working here. Being in the medical field I have never seen medicine practiced like this before. On top of it everyone has excellent bedside manners! These doctors and nurses treat us like family. The Marines have also taken care of us and have gone above and beyond. I have never seen support like this. There is so much love, support, and positivity filling this hospital, which is a huge inspiration!

Well just got word that he is coming back up from the recovery room. They kept him longer because his heart rate decided to increase again. It is finally coming back down so they can send him to the floor. Oh Justin likes to make the doctors practice the art of medicine. In regards to surgery everything went well!

Goodnight from Bethesda Maryland!  This is what hangs on Justin's door! This was taken in his CCU room but we moved it to his new room!


  1. Your posts are so wonderful! Funny, informative, and help us feel like we're there with you - which we are as much as we can be and 100% in spirit. Praying daily for Justin and all of you! God is amazing and wathching miracles unfold daily is a total WOW!

  2. Know I am praying for Justin today through his surgery. Will be anxious to hear how it goes. I pray God's peace and strength for you today Maureen and your family.