Saturday, September 17, 2011

First full day in Room 462!

Justin survived his first night on the 4th floor, or I should say my mom survived because Justin did well by himself without a one on one nurse. Justin's pain today was under control except for his left hand. We had another good day! One of the guys from Justin's battery was injured in early June and stopped by with his wife. All the guys were excited to see him. He made rounds with his wife visiting the four Echo Battery Marines. The only major thing that happened today is that Justin got a new bed. The bed is pretty awesome, its called a "sand bed." It constantly moves and blows sand so bed sores don't occur and the sand feels like a massage. (When Justin gets better and is out and about I am going to lay in it to see what it feels like.... Shhh don't tell him jk). Justin got pretty tired this afternoon and actually fell asleep on a few visitors, so we tucked him in early and headed to get something to eat around 7:30. He is making progress everyday and we are hoping that maybe both chest tubes will be coming out either tomorrow or Monday!

Here is our address for all of you that have asked. Here is the catch, if mail is sent Fed Ex or UPS it gets here faster. If sent US mail it takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on how slow the base is processing all mail. Mail has really slowed down because of the hospital merge with Walter Reed. Just a heads up for everyone. Justin does not have an address yet but here is our address at the Navy Lodge.

Bethesda Navy Lodge
C/o Cliff and Maureen Crabbe
Room 221
8901 Rockville Pike Bldg 52
Bethesda MD 20889

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you again for all the prayers and support!!! We can feel it!!


  1. So great to hear this news! Please let Justin know we are praying and thinking about him daily! You all get your rest too! Love ya, Aunt Darlene, Steve & Maryanne and Michaela

  2. Fabulous news! Thank you for the address! Look for a package coming from the West Coast for Justin. My friend (the grandson of the guy who invented Gatorade) is excited to be able to share some goodies with him! I have no idea what he's sending but it should be fun! Keep improving, Warrior! And thank you for the updates! ~Joni~ (Very proud Mom of Lcpl Tanner Holton, 6th ESB)