Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter All

With Easter comes spring, with spring new beginnings! Happy Easter everyone, looking forward to our new beginnings.

So what has been happening here in Bethesda the last few weeks. Justin went to Aspen Colorado for a theraputic ski trip! Had an absolute blast.Wishes the weather was a bit colder and a little more snow other than that he had a great time. He had two instructors throughout the week so he was well trained. Their hotel room overlooked the ski run. Nice!
Justin's been driving a lot, has another few behind the wheel classes and then he will be set to get his truck adapted so he really has freedom.  The truck arrived last week to my cousin's house in PA. He is storing it until we go and pick it up. Jon likes the truck and Justin may have to pay a ransom to get it back! There were so many expensive cars on the trailer that delivered the truck that Jon's neighbors all came out for the "car show" and took pictures of the slick cars. How fun is that?
Justin is getting used to his new legs and it waiting yet another new pair this week. He can then do a comparison test to see which ones work better for him, almost like taking a test drive in a new car. Only we test drive new legs. The checklist for comfort, weight, maneuverability, ease of use, looks, normal things you check for in legs.
Justin had surgery yesterday to remove the final pin from his left wrist. This will hopefully take care of the residual pain he has had. No more surgeries scheduled as of now until we see Ortho next week to check on the HO in his legs. Can't remember the name for HO but it is bone's continuing to grow which causes pain in the legs which in turn may need to be removed surgically.
Golf clinic starts next week, Justin can't wait to swing a club again. He will have a hand glove designed to be able to grip the club so he will be able to grip and swing the club. He is really looking forward to this as he loved to golf before. As I always say, we are learning our "new normal".
That is about all for now. Pictures will be forthcoming when Jennifer is here. She is the pro so I will leave it to her.
Keep a smile in your heart! Hugs to all.


  1. Happy Spring Justin and Maureen! The season of new beginnings... It is indeed wonderful to hear of all the "giant" steps you are starting to take, Justin. Driving, skiing, golfing, it all sounds good.

    Wonder if there is anything either of you need or would like to have that our Sunday school class send you? We continue to pray for your family and the class gets updates from us via the blog.

    The class is also wondering if we could adopt Justin's cousin Cody while he is deployed. We just need Cody's mailing address.

    Looking forward to more news and photos!

    Laurie Ritchie

  2. Thank you so much Laurie! We would love if your Sunday school class would adopt Cody! We are all of course very anxious having Cody deploy after living what we have, but God willing... HE WILL BE FINE! As a far as Justin... Keep those prayers coming... We still have plenty of challenges ahead of us but we are up to it! Thanks again.. Maureen Crabbe