Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aug. 26th 2011 A day we shall never forget!

6 months ago today, I received the phone call no one ever is ready for. The call informing me that my son, Corporal Justin Crabbe was critically wounded in the Afghanistan war. During those 6 months the out pouring of love, support, prayers and genorisity has been over whelming and the The Crabbe Family is so appreciative words are not enough. We did everything we could to live day to day with all the ups and downs, everyone else took care of every last need. We did not have to worry about anything but the health and well being of our son. With that said, we are here to say that we love all of you and cannot thank you enough. We have such a respect for everyone and we love you all!

Justin and I return to Bethesda Sunday March 4th. We have enjoyed our leave but are actually excited about returning to therapy! Justin will be advancing into his larger legs and knees... This is a very exciting time, look forward to future pictures! I will chronicle the great progress he makes. We plan on being in Maryland till the end of the year. Stay tuned on our progress.. We appreciate that everyone enjoys the blog and I look forward to updating everyone over the next few months..

Justin and I are going to try for leave to come home for the  March 17th Dinner, dance, auction... Everyone please say a prayer that his leave will be approved.   We all want for him to be able to attend!  The fact of the matter is Justin is still on active duty as a United States Marine following all the Marine rules even though he is a wounded warrior! He stills reports for duty everyday Mon-Fri. He has formation and must wear his  PT gear or uniform. He is still a Marine must follow all the rules of the military. As much as I would love to sneak him home without anyone knowing, I cannot do that without all the proper approvals so keep those prayers coming.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the dinner, dance, and auction at the Double Tree Hotel. Just a reminder all and reservations and money are due by  March 1st!

Next update hopefully will be new legs and knees! Have a great week, be safe, be happy and remain positive! Love and hugs to all, The Crabbe Family!


  1. Hi Maureen, Randy and I are going to try and come up with Tyler when he gets home, sometime in April. I want to meet the rest of Tyler's Marine Family, I'll let you know when we get a date set. Loved the photos of the Marien Corps Ball, they all looked so good. See you in April hopefully - Tomee

  2. Wonderful, Let me know when his dates are set. Hopefully we all can meet! Thanks Tomee

  3. Justin,

    Hey this is Bob, I was the guy who approached you tonight at your gathering at Red Robin tonight. I was also the guy at SCE who put that foam poster together for you that your aunt Anne brought you a few months back. It was a pleasure meeting you in person, puts everything in perspective about what you guys sacrifice for us. Great to see you standing tall. Enjoy your stay in Rancho, hope you will continue to be strong.


  4. Hi Justin,
    A little humor for you.

  5. Hi there Justin and Maureen! I'm just catching up on the blog and I enjoyed the pictures so much, from the airport to the ball to the hotel shots. So glad you guys were able to make the trip! How are things progressing with therapy? And Justin's heart-is the medicine working? I look forward to more news as I'm sure everyone does! Keep up the good (=hard!) work, Justin! (Easy for me to say, I know.) Laurie Ritchie