Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look What Santa Brought!!

Justin finally got both legs!! He is doing really well walking around. In one day he moved from the parallel  bars to using a walker and now is only using canes. He says it is much easier to walk around with both legs  and there is not as much pain and pressure as there was with one leg. Walking around really wipes him out for the day, but he wants to continue to walk to build up his endurance. His attitude and positivity is amazing. He still continues to say that he can't change what happened so why dwell on it. He makes plenty of jokes and we all laugh (which is probably the best medicine). I will post a video of him walking, but I need to see whose camera it was on. The video I took cut off on my camera. In the mean time here are a few pictures!  

We are so blessed this Christmas season to all be together! Justin's progress has been phenomenal despite all his setbacks. As a family we are really looking forward to a new year with new blessings. Even though this year has been tough on all of us we are still very blessed and fortunate. This Christmas we celebrated the real meaning of Christmas by being together as a family! We hope everyone had a wonderful day together. Thank you for all the continued prayers and support by all our friends and family and even those we have never met. We wish everyone a wonderful New Years! We are all looking forward to 2012! 


  1. Wow! Justin is the encouragement I need to make through another day.
    Thank you Justin and keep up the hard work. I know you can make it to all your goals.

  2. I would like to send Justin something, can I have a good address where he will get it? Crabbe you are always in our thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see you at the ball!

  3. Way to go Justin!!! Keep it going. Best wishes to you and your entire family!

  4. MARINES never fail & Justin is proof of that - Ooh-Rah !
    Keep up the great work Justin !

    Semper Fi,
    Tony Benecke - Marine Parent
    John Buettner - Lt.Col USMC ret.
    Operation: Honor & Gratitude
    Big Lake, Minnesota